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Why You Should Install a Metal Roof this Winter

Why You Should Install a Metal Roof this Winter

With heavy snow on the way, many homeowners are concerned about how Canada’s harsh weather conditions will affect their roofs. Several Ontarians reported losing asphalt shingles last year as a result of strong winds that hit the province and sent roof shingles flying off. This is a common occurrence with asphalt shingles which is why Canadians are switching to metal roofs to withstand the winter climate.

Benefits of Metal Roofing in the Winter

The advantages of metal and steel roofing are countless, which is why they are currently the most popular roofing materials. Some benefits of metal roofing in the winter are:

1. Better Warranty

Metal roofs come with a minimum warranty of 50 years, during which time your roof will be guaranteed to look as good as new. Furthermore, under ideal conditions, metal and steel roofing can last up to 100 years. When you invest in metal and steel roofing, you are not only ensuring a trouble-free winter season, but you are also making a long-term investment.

2. The Perfect Waterslide

Unlike asphalt shingle roofing, which becomes brittle and rough over time, metal and steel roofs remain smooth and even. This feature allows metal and steel roofing to slide water and snow right off, avoiding a leaky roof at the end of a rainy day.

3. Insulation and Heat Preservation

Metal roofs are excellent insulators, which is an important feature that adds to their quality. Because metal and steel roofs allow water and snow to easily slide off, they are ideal for insulation and heat retention. As a result, they are energy-efficient and can save you a significant amount of money on your heating bills.

Make the Best out of Your Metal & Steel Roof this Winter

Although steel and metal roofing are excellent for insulation on their own, there are various ways to improve your roof’s insulation performance in the bitter cold:

Metal Roof Snow Guards

Snow guards (also known as snow stoppers) for metal roofs are devices that help contain snow so that it is no longer a hazard. Installing snow guards is an excellent way to trap snow and prevent an avalanche. Typically, the proper installation distance between a snow stopper and a roof gutter is 6 inches. In the event of heavy rain or snow, this distance ensures that water does not overflow and spill over the gutter.

Without snow guards, the weight of the water and snow will separate the gutter from the body of the metal roof. This creates a gap between the gutter and the house walls. Moisture will inevitably seep through that gap over time, compromising the foundation’s integrity.

Heat Tape

Heat tapes function similarly to roof heating wires, but they are considered more mobile. Roof heat tapes, like heating cables, work to melt snow off the roof so that it does not pile up and become a hazard.

Metal Roof Heating Cables

Installing a roof heating cable (also known as a roof de-icing wire) is an excellent way to keep snow off your roof. It is practically impossible, and very dangerous, to sprinkle rock salt on your roof. Roof heating cables are extremely useful in this situation. Roof de-icing cables are typically installed all around the roof in a zigzag pattern and use heat to melt snow off your roof.


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